Solved Pumping Concrete To The Top Of The Buri Khalifa Th

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Pumping concrete was executed using Putzmeister pumps which are capable to pump concrete up to 350 bars through high pressure 150 mm pipeline. To convert the dream of Burj Khalifa to reality the latest advancements in construction techniques and material technology were used.

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Construction of the tallest building in Dubai the Burj ...

This makes the Burj Khalifa capable of sinking into the sandy ground. There is also a risk of corrosion of concrete by chloride and sulphate compounds present in the soil at the Burj Khalifa site. Moreover there is a challenge in pumping of concrete as construction of the tall structure goes higher.

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How the Burj Khalifa was built (including design ...

May 25 2020 ยท 606 Metres is the height to which concrete was pumped a world record for concrete pumping. 504 Metres is how high the Burj Khalifas main service lift travels the most of any elevator. 57 Elevators will move occupants around.

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