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Concrete pumping is a hard-enough job. Why waste time energy and money on subpar priming methods? Slick-Pak Pump Primer admixtures are the original concrete pump primers that are ASTM certified and tested to outperform the competition. No more hauling 100lbs bags of cement to create a slurry primer on site.

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Concrete Pump Primer | Fritz-Pak Slick-Pak | Pumping Aids ...

Slick-Pak is the patented polymer-based concrete pump primer. Used worldwide it is now the standard for priming concrete pumps. This product eliminates problems associated with the use of bentonite or similar materials for pump priming. It reduces wear on equipment when starting a job.

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Concrete Pump Primer | Fritz-Pak | Concrete Admixtures ...

Slick-Pak is a powdered concrete pump primer and pumping aid formulated to provide a cost-effective replacement for expensive grout primer slurries or bagged cement primers.

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Fritz-Paks Slick-Pak is the premier concrete pump primer on the market. It is specially formulated to produce a high-viscosity primer that allows the concrete to move easily through the pipes. Using Slick-Pak products lowers the line pressure and can help with the

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